Discoloration / Age Spots Package
Glycolic Cleanser Discoloration / Age Spots
Glycolic Toner Discoloration / Age Spots
Skin Repair Moisturizer Discoloration / Age Spots
C+E Anti-Aging Serum Discoloration / Age Spots

Skin Discoloration + Age Spots Package

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IRIS+BEAU has put together a package that will help with discoloration and age spots that appear while skin is aging.

1. The Glycolic Cleanser cleanses deeply to slough off dead, dry skin that accumulates as skin ages. Formulated in a base of pure Aloe Vera, this cleanser offers advanced skin healing and unsurpassed hydration for all skin types.

2. The Glycolic Toner goes hand in hand with the cleanser. The Glycolic Toner bathes your skin in a blend of vitamins, herbs, and glycolic acid that gently cleanse while leaving skin fresh, soft, and rejuvenated.

3. The Skin Repair Moisturizer is ideal for sun-exposed skin. Its antioxidant properties help lighten spots/discoloration and refine skin texture. Lightweight and effective, it helps prevent the formation of free radicals in sun-exposed skin.

4. We have the CE + Ferulic Anti-Aging Serum. It contains our CE + Ferulic Antioxidant formula combats the signs of aging and protects against environmental UV damage. It neutralizes free radicals, which help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of firmness.