Blemishes Package
Clarifying Cleanser Blemishes
pH Balancing Moisturizer Blemishes
Oxygen Serum Blemishes

Blemishes Package

$ 94.00

IRIS+BEAU's Blemishes Package will be sure to cleanse your skin of impurities that cause breakouts.

1. The Clarifying Cleanser contains Glycolic and Lactic Acids to renew and rejuvenate, Salicylic Acid to cleanse and refine together with anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe and prevent irritation.

2. The pH Balancing Moisturizer aids the skin’s natural healing process against infection and blemishes while preparing the skin to receive nutrients.   

3. Oxygen Serum energizes skin function by increasing cell oxygenation and helping control acne-causing bacteria while defending against fungal, viral, and other environmental aggressors.